Live Music & DJs

Live Music & DJs

These folks are bringing you sweet tunes to keep the dancing going all weekend.

NaturalTango Quintet – Friday Night

We are excited to welcome the NaturalTango Quintet, one of Denver’s favorites, to the stage on Friday night. One of the most exhilarating experiences in dance is to be in a milonga with a live orchestra. Experience the energy from the musicians and a sound that fills up even the cracks between the floorboards, this is one of those rare moments where inspiration meets reality!”

The NaturalTango Orchestra was formed in 2008 and has since evolved into one of the most exhilarating and coherent tango orchestras in the States.  Our goal is to work with excellent musicians to create danceable live music.  The traditional instrumentation and excellent arrangements of this tango orchestra make it a must see event!  The orchestra focuses on the golden age works of major orchestras like Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D’Arienzo & Osvaldo Fresedo.

Chance’s End – Saturday Night

As Chance’s End, San Francisco-based producer Ryan Avery creates electronic music fronted by solo violin. The project was formed in 2001 to explore how acoustic violin sounds when featured prominently in places it normally isn’t. With a laid-back downtempo sound reminiscent of Groove Armada, the group is helping redefine the role of the violin in popular music.

A violinist for almost 30 years, Ryan first studied as a classical musician before branching out into other styles such as bluegrass, blues, and jazz. Ryan began mixing violin and electronica to add a unique element to his early electronic productions, out of which Chance’s End was born. Vocalist Emily Zisman was brought on in 2010, whose experience with folk music, soul, and swing now also figure prominently in the group’s music. The duo’s very different backgrounds make electronica the perfect common ground to blend their styles and influences. You can hear some of their music HERE.

Diana & The Big Time Band – Sunday Night

Diana Castro leads the Big Time Band with big time vocals. Hailing from New Orleans, Diana is a local gem to Denver’s party scene. The Big Time Band features Blues, Soul, R&B, Funk, Pop music and more to keep you dancing the night away. Diana has a unique energy and captivates her audiences while singing everything from Etta James’ to Michael Jackson’s popular hits. Hot Night Fusion Weekend is so lucky to have a band that provides such variety for our dancers.



La Wanna M. Larson aka LL DJ Wannie
La Wanna has an unique connection to the dance world. She served as the executive director of Black American West Museum and curator. She believes music, culture and history is the rhythm of our society.
La Wanna is now the assistant executive director of CMDance.   Each year this innovative non profit brings the arts to thousands of students in their classroom, dance events and monthly dances.
LL DJ Wannie is a fusion DJ with roots in West Coast Swing,  Blues, Soul, Zouk, Rhythm and Blues, EDM, Ballroom and more. She is a seasoned DJ who has been invited and played at numerous major dance events and local dances.  She plays a mix of new and classic music to create a memorable set.  She travels regularly across the country to DJ and dance at dance events.
A fun fact about La Wanna is she is related to Otis Spann a legendary Blues artist.

John Miller

Since the age of 17, John has DJed nearly everything, from 7-person house parties to 700-person festivals, high-school sock-hops, weddings, and funerals (very little dancing at the latter). His selections are the result of intensive study and a love for the eclectic. He specializes in DJing Tango from all eras, Blues on vinyl, and fusion.




Colin Newton

Michael Moll